About the client

A leading personal care manufacturer with global presence

Business Requirement

The client wanted to enter Cambodia with its own brand. Client’s goal was to tap the absorbent hygiene care market. The business wanted to understand its competitors, overall market size, regulations associated with the manufacturing of the hygiene products, packaging, marketing practices, overall market dynamics (key trends, drivers, challenges, opportunities, threats, etc.), and its target consumers (demographics, consumer behaviour, etc.)

Octagon Insights Solution / Recommendations

Brand-Price Mapping: Average Price of same product from different brands were mapped and the gap/void in the price range was determined. Three clear price-range where one of the products (for e.g., all-natural cleanser) can be positioned were identified. Price Range: 1) Between INR XX and INR YY; 2) Between INR ZZ and INR AA; and 3) Between INR BB and INR CC.

Visual Communication Strategy –

We segmented the entire requirement into 4 parts.

Part 1 – Analysed consumer dynamics and consumer behaviour (parameters covered: income level trends, age distribution, education level, purchase and usage patterns across different age groups and genders, etc.)

Part 2 – Analysed market structure (parameters covered: current market size, future growth projections, share per category, price points, margins)

Part 3 – Trends, DROC, and Competitive Landscape (parameters covered: size of each player, their product placement(s), their pricing)

Part 4 – Government regulations, packaging and labelling, marketing channel/networks (parameters covered: Duty and tax structures, licensing, and certification requirements, product labelling and packaging standards, etc.)

Insights from all four parts were used for designing the market entry strategy for the client.

Outcome / Result

We understood and benchmarked competitors through Revenues generated across product categories, their Geographical presence (Regions, Countries, Expansion Plans), Online mix (Revenues generated through Online & Offline Platforms), through Customer demographic (Age, Gender, Income Level), and Psychographic mix (Attitude, Social Behaviour/Status, Lifestyle) and through their Product specific information (Price, Unique Technology, Any Proprietary Ingredient present).

Competitor Analysis Strategy -

Findings from our research were used in clients market entry strategy.