Data driven approach to solve complex business problems

We harness data through our data analytics services and solutions, allowing our clients to make informed business decisions. We develop data-based models and frameworks, as well as fine-tune decision-making by aligning them with our clients’ business goals. We have the right expertise to collect data from multiple sources, undertake exploratory analysis, and give insights in the form of interactive and interesting storytelling.

Our offering

Octagon Insights assists firms in fuelling their analytics initiatives and producing reports and insights that produce actionable for growth.

Our approach to business information is guided by our clients’ needs. Our solutions team works with each of our clients’ stakeholders to understand key business issues and pain points and deliver scalable and cost-effective options for achieving business goals. 

With all-inclusive reports, Octagon Insights’ comprehensive business intelligence solutions help uncover undiscovered trends in data, allowing you to focus on the vulnerabilities.

We provide high-performance operational, real-time, and strategic dashboards for our clients, allowing them to define business plans based on the insights gained.

We re-index and reformat data to improve analysis, and we give suggestions to decision-makers on next actions to improve procedures. Some of the robust analyses we perform to help our clients become more familiar with their data include univariate, multivariate, graphical, and non-graphical.

There are instances when data or numbers are insufficient to provide end users with insights. Through clear and understandable graphs including charts, plots, infographics, and animations, the data visualisation team at Octagon Insights assists users in comprehending, comparing, and tracking information. With a range of tools from the market, including MS Excel, Tableau, Power BI, we assist our clients in visualising dashboards. Our aim is to build up self-service for every domain in the organisation so that the data can power each business process to spur growth.

By assisting them with the most recent trends and adjustments, we assist our clients in reporting & forecasting of sales, costs, customer, and various other data types. With our assistance, executives and stakeholders may obtain reports as needed and concentrate on the facts, trends, and figures as they change in real time.